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Welcome to All That's Great For Creatures holistic animal therapy by Jill Shires. My approach to treating horses incorporates Emmett and craniosacral therapy to release pain and restrictions and improve performance and wellbeing. For overall health for horses, cats and dogs I offer natural herbal remedies prepared using fresh ingredients, diagnosis of health conditions using iridology as well as nutritional advice.

I am a qualified Human and Equine Craniosacral therapist and a qualified Emmett therapist for horses. My passion is to educate owners to understand and use natural medicine, which when used wisely is effective and non-invasive with excellent and positive results enabling the animal to create their own equilibrium.  

Emmett & craniosacral therapy for horses

Jill Shires - Emmett and craniosacral therapist for horsesThese therapies are gentle, hands-on and combine brilliantly to provide treatment that can release restrictions, pain and tension within the body. They have been used to effectively treat head shaking, lameness and injuries as well as to improve movement and performance in competition horses. 

Treatments generally take 60 to 90 minutes including assessment of the horse's movement and stance. The results are often immediate as blood flow improves and tension is released. Horses generally relax into the treatment with eyes closed, then yawn and stretch as restrictions free up. Following even one treatment, muscles are often softer and length of stride is increased. 

Combined Emmet and craniosacral treatments are available in from Albany to Whangarei and Dargaville and all areas in between at $70 per horse, with discounts available for 2 or more horses. Book a treatment.

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  • Chilli just was a star after craniosacral treatment
  • Just wanting to give you an update on Mack.  It’s hard to believe how much better he is looking, feeling and smelling in under a week!
  • You made so much progress with Cash, she looks very content and even healthier in her look, you are very clever and have magic hands!
  • Jill's herbal remedies have helped my horses with various ailments, from digestive upsets including poor appetite, to nervous temperament.
  • Thrush has gone away thanks to your products!
  • Used daily with no other cream or meds it made a noticeable difference within days
  • After 5 years of trying, Mighty Enchanting got in foal first time, following her 2 cranio treatments.  She's happy and comfortable. I am in awe!
  •  She's doing well, she isn't scratching as much and the sores on her belly have gone.
  • My horse Louis (23), was stiff, unhappy and losing a lot of weight prior to Jill's visits. I had her come out a few times and I was very amazed and ecstatic with the results! Not only was my older boy a lot more relaxed and happy, enjoying being able to run round after the younger horses, but he also gained a fair bit of weight, his entire carriage lifted up and he gained muscle mass more easily too!